onesies forever / Belvele pop-up shop

28 Feb

onesies forever / longleggedlady.comFyi SF, this coming Tuesday Belvele is having a launch party and pop-up shop (+ cocktails!). I’ll be there, along with my better half and a bunch of our friends. Highly recommend attending.

On the subject of Belvele, that’s where I got this insanely comfortable and sort of man-repelling-meets-eco-fashion onesie that I’m now obsessed with. I feel like a chic Dobby the Elf in it. And I love that we live in time when that’s a flattering way to describe a garment.

Other things about my life lately:

  • I went to the ballet last night for the first time! We saw Swan Lake and it was incredible. It made me seriously regret dropping out of ballet classes when I was 6 years old (sorry Mom, you were right). I can’t wait to go again.
  • I joined a bookclub and just finished the first read, A Little Life. It was achingly beautiful and made me cry a lot. I recommend reading it in the privacy of your own home.
  • My friend Heather and I made some pretty DIY ring cones & dishes (tutorial here, picture below), I’m childishly proud of myself and will probably be giving these to everyone I know as gift for the next few months.
  • The Witch is my new favorite horror movie. It’s everything I wanted the Salem Witch Trials unit in middle school social studies to be. Go see it immediately.

onesies forever / Belvele pop-up shoponesies forever / longleggedlady.comonesies forever / longleggedlady.comThe best part of this jumpsuit is that it can also be worn backwards.  #twofer onesies forever / Belvele pop-up shopEsby jumpsuit via Belvele, Everlane sandals, Warby Parker sunniesDIY / longleggedlady.comDIY ring dishes. Tutorial here


5 and 5

3 Jan

5 and 5 /

It’s resolution season again. Cheesy though it may be, I do love making resolutions (and eventually breaking them). Instead of just listing my 2016 resolutions this year, I thought I’d also look back at the things I did in 2015 that made the biggest improvements in my life. Here are my top 5:

  1. Made myself a budget and shopped less. I’ve always been just okay at this, but I got serious about it in 2015. I kept an excel file throughout the entire year that detailed what I could spend and save from every paycheck. I didn’t always stick to it perfectly, but it kept me mostly on track. I managed to actually hit my financial goals by the end of the year, and my wardrobe is more pared down and organized than ever before.
  2. Studied.  The office/actual working world is the best university and I’m always learning just because of the nature of my job. But this year, I made a concerted effort to be more curious and spend more time researching and studying on my own outside work. There are tons of benefits, but the best part is that it’s made me more excited about my job every day, because I constantly get new inspiration and ideas.
  3. Traveled. There are few things I despise more than a condescending “you should be traveling” guilt trip, so if you can’t travel right now for whatever reason, please don’t read this and feel bad. I didn’t travel anywhere for years because I didn’t have the money and/or time. This year we were finally able to prioritize some trips and it was wonderful- and doing it without living outside our means or jeopardizing career goals was well worth the wait.
  4. Socialized more. I’m a stereotypical introvert. I love books, Netflix, and not having to talk to anyone. But I also have a dazzling group of friends and this year I tried to be less reclusive and see more of them. It’s the easiest way to increase overall happiness.
  5. Kept the house really clean and got a bunch of plants. It just makes being home so much more pleasant. Plus I’m really, really proud of myself every day that my plants don’t die.

5 and 5 / 5 and 5 / longleggedlady.com5 and 5 / longleggedlady.comAnd here are my 5 for 2016:

  1. Morning yoga. We have work-from-home (or a coffee shop or wherever) days twice a week at the office, so there’s no excuse for me to skip morning yoga anymore. The goal is to do it 4x a week, every week- except when traveling because screw that.
  2. Keep learning. I have a whole list of skills I want to master by the end of this year.
  3. Offline, stress-relieving activities. I’ve taken up coloring in coloring books (thanks to a recommendation from one coworker and a gift from another). It’s oddly relaxing and clears my mind completely. I plan to do more of that + meditation + reading, of course.5 and 5 /
  4. Outfit planning. On a weekly basis, but also for upcoming seasons and my budget. I’ve started making priority lists for what I need in my wardrobe each season to avoid impulse buys and overspending. The goal is to build a lasting, beautiful wardrobe that has virtually nothing to do with trends and everything to do with suiting my personal style.
  5. Cook more. It is waaaaay too easy to get healthy food delivered in this city. There are literally a zillion meal delivery startups, all with crazy good referral offers, all with healthy, delicious foods, and all with only like a 20 minute wait. It’s great for when Derrick and I both work late, but I use it as a crutch and even though it’s pretty cheap (work those referrals, y’all), it’s still ultimately pricier than cooking for myself.
  6. Bonus resolution: Stop using my iPhone for blog photos out of laziness 🙂

Everlane scarf, Need Supply turtleneck, Zara skirt via thredUP, Mansur Gavriel bag, Warby Parker Sunnies, Rachel Comey boots. 

big gray sweater + Christmas wrapping

20 Dec

big gray sweaters /

I got this sweater from Zady, and it’s my new favorite thing in the world right now. It’s the chunkiest, grayest, nondescriptest (don’t correct my grammar) sweater of my dreams. It’s big enough for three of me to fit inside. Derrick told me I look like a merchant mariner and I took that as flattery. I wore it to work on Thursday and got compliments from half the office, and I work with some f*cking stylish folks. Best sweater ever.

So anyway. There’s nothing groundbreaking about this outfit, I just wanted to document my sweater excitement. Big gray sweater + black pants + structured loafers is a pretty safe formula any day.

Aside from wearing a sweater, what have I been up to since my last post? I’ve been working my buns off at the office, alternately reading business books for business class and GoT for fun, and doing lots of arts and crafts. This time of year always makes me want to hole up in the kitchen and make things- food, crafts, whatever. I find it helps relieve holiday season stress, and in the end I usually have either a great meal or a thoughtful gift to show for it.

This weekend was mostly devoted to girl time. I went for drinks with Monica on Friday (btw, her new site is live and shopable! More on that soon) and stayed in with Heather on Saturday night. This afternoon Derrick and I are going to Japantown to look for a sake set because ’tis the season for alcohol that can be served warm.

Also I met Garance Doré a couple weeks ago and she signed my copy of Love x Style x Life. There’s photographic evidence below.
big gray sweaters /

big gray sweaters /

big gray sweaters / longleggedlady.comZady sweater, Everlane shoes, ivory + mason sunnies, Pour La Victoire bag via thredUP.

I may or may not have painted my nails to match her book like a total creepy fan but hopefully she was flattered?

Also I did some very Pinterest-y Christmas wrapping and I’m feeling quite proud. Not entirely sure how to get this home in one piece, but at least it made for a fun activity and a pretty picture I can text to the recipients. In the future I might need someone else to write my gift tags for me, however. My boss once said I have the handwriting of a serial killer and I see his point.

magic potions

7 Nov

I’m having the laziest of Saturday mornings over here and can’t be bothered to get dressed for outfit photos, so I thought I’d instead do a little write-up on my beauty product arsenal.

magic potions | longleggedlady.comSkin

I’m a skincare girl. I don’t do much makeup, so it’s all about a healthy complexion for me. That being said, I also believe in simplicity; no crazy, $800, 12-step routines. Less is always more in my world.

First up, Bioderma Crealine. This is the holy grail of makeup removers. I saw it on Fashion Toast years ago, and being a big fan of French drugstore products myself, decided to give it a try. Life = changed. It melts away my makeup and it’s so gentle. On my wedding day, one of my bridesmaids had a bad reaction to the foundation our makeup artist used. I whipped out the Bioderma- which she totally didn’t trust, but I talked her into it because we had no other option- and it saved the day. We got the offending foundation off, touched up with some light concealer, and she looked absolutely flawless.

Fresh Soy Cleanser is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. It’s not cheap and I use it daily, so it doesn’t last as long as I’d like. That being said, it’s super softening and my skin feels glorious after washing with it. Ultimately worth the price, in my opinion.

magic potions |

For exfoliation, I use Antonia Burrell Face Polish 2-3 times a week. It’s a polishing powder, so you put a small amount in the palm of your hand and add a few drops of water, then massage it onto your face. It’s gentle as long as you don’t overdo it, and it leaves my skin perfectly buffed and smooth. This one also isn’t cheap, but it lasts for ages. It’s taken me nearly a year to use a whole jar.

I’m not loyal to any specific face masks. I like to try new ones regularly, since they’re sort of a for-fun thing, in my opinion. My current favorite is the Blue Lagoon Silica Mud that I got in Iceland. I use this once a week (at most). It’s especially great for right before I get my period, because that’s when I sometimes get a blemish or two around my chin. If I put this on for 10 minutes at night, I’ll be cleared up by the next morning.

My favorite moisturizer is Kiehl’s. It soaks right in and leaves no trace of film or heaviness (I hate that sticky-moisturizer feeling). I’ve been using it morning and night for a few years now, and it’s never failed me.

On my lips, I generally use homemade lip balm that I make with beeswax and my favorite oils. You can check out the recipe here.


The only product I ever put in my hair is Bumble & Bumble Prêt-à-powder (pictured above).  I’ve tried other brands, I was even guilty of using plain baby powder for awhile, but B&B is the best. One bottle lasts for months, it never makes me look like I’m wearing a powdered wig, and it barely has any scent (I don’t like anything interfering with my perfume).

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big makeup girl. I’ve gone through phases where I tried to get into it, but at the end of the day, I feel better with a natural face. So, my makeup collection is pretty unimpressive. Feel free to give me recommendations.

magic potions /

For SPF and faux-foundation, I use EltaMD tinted 41. I didn’t think I’d like this, since I hate the look and feel of foundation on my skin so much, but it’s actually amazing. It blends right in with my complexion and it stays put all day. Once it’s on, I swear I can’t even tell I’m wearing it. Big bonus: it doesn’t rub off on things- so I don’t have to worry about ruining my (or Derrick’s) white shirts.

I’m not into any blushes or bronzers or anything with color, but I do love Nars Translucent Powder. The makeup artist at my wedding introduced me to it. I sweep the tiniest bit all over my face with a blush brush, and then do a little extra right around my hairline. It’s totally invisible and it keeps my skin looking and feeling super fresh all day long- even when Carl the Fog is making the city a damp, clammy mess.

Since I’m blonder than blonde and paler than pale, I need brow color, eyeliner and mascara. Without them, my brows and lashes are invisible and I look like a little girl. I use Glossier Boy BrowsLancome Artliner and Diorshow mascara. Boy Brows is brow-life-changing and I would recommend it to everyone. Artliner and Diorshow work fine and stay put all day, which is really all I ask. I am, however, very open to better (cheaper) liner and mascara recommendations.

magic potions |

Last but definitely not least is perfume. If there’s one thing on my list (besides SPF), that I won’t leave the house without, it’s perfume. Spraying a little on always makes me feel so ladylike and put together. For everyday, I use Le Labo Bergamot 22. It’s light, floral, and a little spicy. For date nights, I like Bulgari Jasmine Noir (not pictured, because I just ran out). It’s heady and romantic and probably a little too sweet for most, but I love it.

That’s it. Now you know all my beauty secrets.


Sweet September

19 Sep

sweet september |

Guess what folks! I’m actually wearing something that I didn’t purchase on thredUP. Shocking, I know. This adorable little dress is from Monica’s new shop, Belvele (aka the one other place I get clothing these days). I’m a big lover of oversized dresses, and this one is extra fun because it’s just a wee bit too short. Don’t worry, I wore a pair of Derrick’s boxer briefs underneath for safety. The SF wind is not to be trusted.

sweet september | longleggedlady.comsweet september | longleggedlady.comsweet september |

September is officially my favorite month, and this one has been extra great for the following reasons:

One: It’s our anniversary month! We took a little trip to New York to celebrate. It was great. There was so much good food that we basically ate nonstop. We also went to the museums (favorite: the Natural History Museum), wandered around Central Park, the Highline, and especially the East Village. We found some great warehouse sales and returned broke but very happy.

Here’s a picture of me wearing a Vince shirt that I got for $29 (!!), and also a pair of Tom’s that I had to buy because my Everlane sandals are beautiful but 100% not meant to be worn while walking around NY for hours on end. Very important life lesson.

sweet september |

Two: Besides being our wedding anniversary, this month is also our 4th San Franniversary. I’m sort of amazed whenever I think about that. We more or less moved out here on a whim. Our original plan was to move to Arizona where Derrick was going to go to law school, but then he admitted that he didn’t want to be a lawyer, and I admitted that I didn’t want him to be one either, so we opted for California and music/tech/fashion instead. This city is ridiculous and challenging and beautiful. I’m glad we took a chance on it.

Here’s a grainy iphone photo we took on a celebratory hike (read: leisurely walk) today.

sweet september |

Three: Speaking of career things, thredUP had some big news this month. Feeling awfully proud and lucky to be a part of it.

Four: My nephew’s first birthday is this month. He was born two days before our wedding, so basically he’s the best wedding gift ever. And in a few months, he’ll be a big brother and I’ll be an aunt twice!

Here’s another grainy iPhone photo of Derrick holding my (our? since we’re married?) nephew last year. As you can see, he’s amazing with kids.

sweet september |

That’s it for now. Happy September. Xx.

wear to werk

16 Sep

wear to werk

One of the many perks of my job is that I get to hang out with super talented photographers every day- which is how I got these beautiful photos of what is essentially my work uniform. Another perk? Casual. Office. Attire. Long live chambray and shift dresses.

More updates coming soon. It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

wear to werk

AYR dress via thredUP, Markoo leggings via thredUP, Rachel Comey boots, also via thredUP. All of the things thredUP. 

lust list

24 Aug


From top left to bottom right: trousers from The Row, Bagatiba choker, A.P.C. striped shirt, Freda Salvador boots, RMS Beauty luminizer

I promise to do an actual outfit post soon, but in the meantime we can all drool over these beautiful things I’ve been eyeing for fall together.

First off, I don’t own a decent pair of black trousers and that needs to be remedied this year. While I’m not about to spend $700 on this pair from The Row (good lord), they are a perfect example of what I’m looking for: simple, masculine, and tailored.

Next up is a simple gold choker to layer underneath the collars of my ever growing collection of menswear-y button downs (which is currently lacking a vertically striped variation, hence the dreamy A.P.C style above).

My favorite pair of black lace up ankle boots is in tatters, sadly. To be fair, I’ve been wearing them for like six years and I got them at UO. It’s probably about time for an upgrade. Freda Salvador to the rescue.

Lastly, I really want this luminizer even though I never wear any makeup besides liner and mascara. Maybe if I buy it I’ll finally learn something about contouring? Doubtful. But it’s the cheapest thing on this wish list and therefore probably the only purchase I’ll actually pull the trigger on. Hashtag commitment issues.