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little floral dress.

17 Mar


The sun was out today, so we decided to brave the St. Paddy’s day shit-show that is all of SF and wander around to take pictures.  I got this dress at Topshop ages ago and haven’t been able to wear it enough since.  I have a tendency to go mono-chromatic a bit too often, so the floral print is a nice switch up for me.

Went to see Oz: The Great and Powerful last night.  I love the cast, but felt like the whole movie was disjointed and a bit silly in a bad way.  Plus the idea of a mediocre magician coming into a magical land and “saving” everyone by using generic tricks seemed sort of dumb, considering that all three of the witches had actual magic the whole time.  Overall it get’s a C-.  It would only be a D, except that Mila Kunis rocks the hell out of a pair of leather pants at the beginning, and I feel that my $10 was well spent on seeing those.

Topshop dress, NastyGal purse, Chloe sunnies