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Autumn all the time

27 Jul

Alexa Chung x Madewell Coat  |  long legged ladyWelcome to July in San Francisco, where wool coats and crop tops are totally appropriate afternoon attire.  I don’t even care that it’s so chilly and gray outside because I just got this coat and I’ve been wanting to wear it non-stop.

You can’t tell in these photos, but I’m also wearing a pair of high-waisted T by Alexander Wang sweater shorts that I found on eBay.  One of my weirder online shopping habits is to browse secondhand sites like eBay, Threadflip, etc. and look for pieces that I find interesting, but would never in a million years buy at their original price.   If I can get it for less than $40, it’s a deal.  If I don’t like something when I receive it, I just turn around and re-list.  It makes for fun little style challenges and keeps me from going on F21 or H&M binges when I want some retail therapy.  Turns out, I really love high-waisted sweater shorts.  I’ll post some better pictures of them on a day when the weather feels like cooperating.

In other news, I’m taking a project manager role at a new tech company!  I basically have everything to learn about the business, so it’s going to mean tons of research, long hours, and a lot of learning things on the fly, but that’s nothing I can’t handle.  Wish me luck!

Alexa Chung for Madewell coat, American Apparel crop top & tights, Senso boots, (invisible) T by Alexander Wang shorts


13 Jul

basicsApologies for the lack of posts lately.  I’ve been swamped with extra contract work- which is wonderful because monies, but it also means that I’ve been working every night until it feels like the glow of the computer screen is going to burn my eyeballs out of my skull.

Regarding fashion/my closet, I’m at that annoying point where I desperately need to replace a few key basics, but I’m dragging my feet because I really want to blow my shopping budget on way less necessary things.  Alas, my wardrobe staples are in a sad state.  My black skinnies are *this close* to ripping open at the crotch, and my only chambray suffered irreparable damage at the hands of a slippery jar of tomato sauce.  I have an acceptable leather jacket, but it’s was a cheap buy, and low quality leather just doesn’t look so hot after a few seasons.

The chambray is an easy fix, Madewell makes a beautiful boyfriend fit that I love.  Black skinnies are a bit more complicated.  Rag & Bone used to make the perfect pair of denim leggings that were both stretchy AND structured enough to count as “real pants,” but somewhere along the line they changed the cut to a 30 inch inseam (inseams shorter than 32 inches are the bane of my existence), so I’m back to square one.  This Current/Elliot pair might be a good replacement, but my size is sold out everywhere.  Crisis.

The biggest challenge is the leather jacket.  First off, it’s going to be pricey, so I need to save up.  Second, there’s no way I can just find one by scouring the internet and reading a bunch of reviews.  I’m extremely particular about the way jackets fit, and the next time I invest in leather outerwear, I want it to be for keeps.  This AllSaints style is roughly what I’m looking for:  little-to-no hardware, quilted shoulders, asymmetrical zip.  But I want something that’s somehow a little more interesting, and I don’t want to order anything online.  I feel like a leather jacket has to be found in person.