lazy days

3 Dec

lazy days  |  longleggedlady.comThis is my default outfit when I can’t think of anything to wear.  I know the Zara skort has been on virtually every style blog in existence, but sometimes guys, things get popular for a reason.  It’s flattering and it goes with anything.  I can’t stop wearing it.

We’ve reached that frustrating phase of winter where I get really restless, but sort of apathetic at the same time.  The days are just too short.  I’m battling it by staying active and creative as much as possible.  Shooting with Asher Moss last week was perfect.  He’s the kind of photographer who knows exactly what he’s looking for, and it makes shooting so easy and fluid.  Plus he’s just fun to hang out with.  He has this perfect, eyes-completely-open awareness and appreciation for everything around him.  I could listen to him talk about all his adventures for days.  If you’re not familiar with his work, check it out, and maybe donate a little to his project.

lazy days  |

Elizabeth and James jacket, Zara skort, Senso shoes, Alexander Wang bag, Bing Bang necklace


One Response to “lazy days”

  1. wllw December 9, 2013 at 9:43 pm #

    Although it’s a default it’s still awesome x

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