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drought dressing

26 Jan

drought dressing  /  longleggedlady.comSince it feels like summer, I decided to go ahead and dress the part.  This perfectly flimsy, filmy Reformation tee shirt is my first spring purchase, and I’m totally in love.  It’s like wearing a cloud.  The [Jil Sander knockoff] skirt was a Zara clearance steal I picked up last year.  I’m not crazy about wearing light colors from head to toe, so I like to anchor outfits like this with dark shoes and accessories.

drought dressing  /  longleggedlady.comdrought dressing  /  longleggedlady.comReformation tee, Zara skirt, Alexander Wang bag, Deena & Ozzy sandals, Chloe sunnies

when to fake leather

19 Jan

when to fake leather  /  longleggedlady.comIt’s birthday weekend.  Derrick and two of our closest friends all turned twenty-something, so we went out Friday and painted the town red, then spent Saturday sunbathing in the park.  Today we’re being as lazy as possible, and tonight I’m taking Derrick out for a fancy birthday dinner.

My “lazy as possible” look is pretty basic:  biggest sweater I own + sneakers.  For awhile, I was obsessed with getting a pair of real leather pants, but I went with these coated jeans by AG instead.  In retrospect, I’m glad.  As much as I love the leather-look for pants, I find I can only wear them so often.  These are perfect for adding a more interesting texture to an otherwise basic outfit, and they didn’t cost me a month’s rent.  Actual leather would’ve been a waste of money and cow.

In other news, the lovely Sarah from Sarah’s Ambitions nominated me for the Liebster Award.  If you aren’t already familiar with her blog, you need to check it out.  She’s got cool, ladylike-professional style down to an art.  Here are my answers to her questions:

1. How would you describe your style?
2. What are your favorite brands and collections?
Rag & Bone and Alexander Wang are two I drool over constantly.  There’s also this brand out of LA called L’Ecole Des Femmes, I ran across it at Project Las Vegas about a year ago, and I’ve been in love with it ever since.  It’s naughty-French-schoolgirl-inspired clothing.  Very crisp, sexy, and monochromatic- all things I adore. 
3. What is your #1 goal for this year?
Aside from career stuff, I’d like to get a good indoor garden going. Right now I have several plants, but I want to grow my own herbs and have a little lemon tree.
4. Where did you grow up, where do you live now, and where do want to live in ten years?
I grew up in small town Nebraska, and I’m in San Francisco now. In ten years? That’s tough. I could be happy here, but I’d also love to live abroad again at some point. Can I just say I’d like to be off somewhere in a big, romantic city?
5. What is your favorite aspirational style blog?
I LOVE 12:04. Beautiful photos, flawless style.
6. Five things you’d pack for a trip to Paris fashion week:
A white shirtdress, a leather skirt, my Senso boots, half a dozen vintage scarves (I’m counting these as one thing), and a printed blazer.
7. What was the last book you read?
We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. It’s like, the mother of all dystopian novels.
8. If you could learn another language, what would it be?
Arabic. My bf studied it and I’m so jealous.
9. Big night out, you can only choose one: eyeliner or lipstick?
Eyeliner. I’m not responsible enough for lipstick, I get it everywhere.
10. Trend you never tried but kind of wish you had?
I’m still working on boyfriend fit pants in general. Somehow they never seem quite right on me, but I love them on other girls.
11. What skill would you like to learn or develop?
I’d like to be able to sew well enough to make some clothing and do basic alterations. I spend all my money at the tailor these days.

when to fake leather  /  longleggedlady.comwhen to fake leather  /  longleggedlady.comZara sweater, AG pants, UO sneakers, Alexander Wang bag, Chloe sunnies


5 Jan

crop  /  longleggedlady.comIt seems odd that a spandex crop top is such a wardrobe staple for me in my mid-twenties.  I figure as long as I’m wearing it with bottoms that come up to my belly button, it’s fine.  I think we can all agree that crop tops + low rise anything is a trend that should remain dead and buried.

crop  /  longleggedlady.comcrop  / crop  /  longleggedlady.comBing Bang necklace, American Apparel crop, thrifted skirt, Deena & Ozzy sandals, Alexander Wang bag


1 Jan

resolute  /  longleggedlady.comHappy New Year, babies.  Hope everyone had entirely too much fun last night.  We stayed out till about 5 am, but I stuck to drinking water all night and woke up with enough energy to run around the blissfully deserted streets downtown today.

Since it’s the first day of 2014, it only seems appropriate to post my resolutions:

1.  Yoga, 3x a week, no skipping.  I love love love yoga, but I’m cheap and I hate paying for classes.  For 2014, I’m making it a non-negotiable part of the budget.

2.  Eat.  I have a huge appetite, but I’m also forgetful and therefore terrible about skipping meals.  My new rule is that I’m not allowed to go to bed until I’ve prepped food for the next day.

3.  Read physical books, not screens, before bed.  It’s better for my sleep cycle and eyeballs.

4.  Venture out of the city more.  I have a whole list of things I want to see in Northern California, but I keep putting them off.  No more.  I finally got a Zipcar account, and the world is my oyster.

Sartorial resolutions:

5.  Learn to make (some) clothing.  I’ve been wanting to start this forever, and my future sister-in-law gave me a sewing machine and a set of patterns for Christmas, so now I have no excuses.

6.  Invest in outerwear.  Since layers are vital here, a good selection of jackets and coats is important.

That’s about it.  When it comes to resolutions, I try to keep things attainable.resolute  /  longleggedlady.comresolute  /  longleggedlady.comresolute  /

Topshop sweater, thrifted leather shorts, American Apparel tights, Alexander Wang bag, Senso shoes