honeymoon in Iceland

30 May

Iceland was dreamy. I don’t even know where to begin describing the beauty of that country. It’s otherworldly, and so, so romantic.

We rented a 4×4 and drove around the entire island over the course of almost 2 weeks. We swam in hot springs, climbed around waterfalls, hiked around glaciers, went whale watching (saw 3 whales and a whole lot of puffins), explored several creepy abandoned houses, and visited just about every museum (we’re both a little obsessed with Scandinavian history, especially Derrick) and café in the entire country.

One of the best parts about the trip was the solitude. We got there right before tourist season started, so aside from actual Icelanders, we basically had the entire Ring Road to ourselves. Plus, we both were 100% offline the entire time, so as soon as we left Reykjavik, it felt like we were the only people left on earth.

A few favorite things:

1. We hiked out to this abandoned, naturally-heated swimming pool that’s clear out in a valley near Vik one night. It’s built into the side of a mountain, and it’s completely deserted. We swam for half the night, and then nearly froze to death hiking back, but it was totally worth it. Most romantic place ever.

2.  Hiking around the glaciers. First off, I wasn’t prepared for how incredible it would be to see a glacier in real life. Glaciers are awesome. Second, it was a wee bit dangerous, which made it all the more fun.

3. We’d booked a room at the Foss Hotel in Hofn. When we arrived, they upgraded us to their best suite (honeymoon perks!). It was a corner room with windows all around, and it actually overlooked a glacier. Unreal.

4. The Saga Museum in Reykjavík. I love visiting museums with Derrick, he gets so excited about history and it just kills me. I’m stupid in love with that man.

5. This is a bit predictable of me, but I loved the Blue Lagoon. It’s such an iconic Iceland thing, and it was the very first place we went when we arrived, straight from the airport. Also, the silica mud made my skin feel amazing. I was literally glowing for the rest of the trip. Highly recommend it- best way to recover from an international flight.

Addendum: I completely spaced my other favorite spot in Iceland when I wrote this post! Here it is:

6. The Tvísöngur sound sculpture in Seyðisfjörður. It’s a short hike up a mountain overlooking the fjord, and it’s fascinating. You can spend forever in there just singing and playing with the effects. I even got D on camera singing this Beatles song that was written about our cat. Pictures added below.

The Blue Lagoon

Reykjavík, from inside Hallgrímskirkja.

Hallgrímskirkja. With an actual rainbow all the way around it. Because Iceland is magic.

The only #ootd post from the trip, because I was in hiking boots every other day. Bag by The Swedish Model, Zara boots from thredUP, Everlane sweater & undershirt. 

þingvellir National Park. Sólheimasandur plane crash 

Our pool.

Overlooking Skógafoss. Skógafoss

Black sand beaches at Vik. 

Black sand beaches at Vik.

Showing off my $10 knockoff sunnies. Icelandic gas station chic. 

Icelandic horses, escaping. 

Our new house. Glacier hiking. 

Glacial lagoon wandering. 

Special thanks to the friendly folks at the Foss Hotel. 

A little bone museum we found along the road somewhere in the East Fjords. 

Running around Gufufoss. 

Tvísöngur sound sculpture in Seyðisfjörður. 

Tvísöngur sound sculpture in Seyðisfjörður. 

Everlane anorak, Uniqlo scarf. Ignore my awkward stance, please and thank you. 


Dettifoss. Being majestic. 

Handsomest man alive. At Dettifoss, which is the biggest waterfall in Europe- and is featured at the beginning Prometheus, for any sci-fi nerds out there. 

We stayed in this adorable little house overlooking the fjord in Akureyri. Scandinavian design forever and for always. 

Cafe rats, doing cafe rat things in Akureyri. 

Making out in the whale museum in Húsavík.

Running around this black desert somewhere up North.


Furthest North we’ve ever been. 

His n’ hers. At Goðafoss. 

At Goðafoss. He’s so handsome I can’t stand it sometimes. 

Exploring this crumbling house somewhere on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. 

On a beach, just before we got back to Reykjavík. 

Taking pictures in the middle of the road. Because that’s what you do when you’re the only two people on earth. State of the car by the end of the trip. 


3 Responses to “honeymoon in Iceland”

  1. Melissa June 1, 2015 at 5:56 am #

    Beautiful pictures! I always trust your style instincts too. 🙂

  2. Ellie June 3, 2015 at 12:43 pm #

    What kind of hiking boots did you use for this trip? Your Scandinavian adventure looked absolutely breathtaking!

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