lust list

24 Aug


From top left to bottom right: trousers from The Row, Bagatiba choker, A.P.C. striped shirt, Freda Salvador boots, RMS Beauty luminizer

I promise to do an actual outfit post soon, but in the meantime we can all drool over these beautiful things I’ve been eyeing for fall together.

First off, I don’t own a decent pair of black trousers and that needs to be remedied this year. While I’m not about to spend $700 on this pair from The Row (good lord), they are a perfect example of what I’m looking for: simple, masculine, and tailored.

Next up is a simple gold choker to layer underneath the collars of my ever growing collection of menswear-y button downs (which is currently lacking a vertically striped variation, hence the dreamy A.P.C style above).

My favorite pair of black lace up ankle boots is in tatters, sadly. To be fair, I’ve been wearing them for like six years and I got them at UO. It’s probably about time for an upgrade. Freda Salvador to the rescue.

Lastly, I really want this luminizer even though I never wear any makeup besides liner and mascara. Maybe if I buy it I’ll finally learn something about contouring? Doubtful. But it’s the cheapest thing on this wish list and therefore probably the only purchase I’ll actually pull the trigger on. Hashtag commitment issues.



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