Sweet September

19 Sep

sweet september | longleggedlady.com

Guess what folks! I’m actually wearing something that I didn’t purchase on thredUP. Shocking, I know. This adorable little dress is from Monica’s new shop, Belvele (aka the one other place I get clothing these days). I’m a big lover of oversized dresses, and this one is extra fun because it’s just a wee bit too short. Don’t worry, I wore a pair of Derrick’s boxer briefs underneath for safety. The SF wind is not to be trusted.

sweet september | longleggedlady.comsweet september | longleggedlady.comsweet september | longleggedlady.com

September is officially my favorite month, and this one has been extra great for the following reasons:

One: It’s our anniversary month! We took a little trip to New York to celebrate. It was great. There was so much good food that we basically ate nonstop. We also went to the museums (favorite: the Natural History Museum), wandered around Central Park, the Highline, and especially the East Village. We found some great warehouse sales and returned broke but very happy.

Here’s a picture of me wearing a Vince shirt that I got for $29 (!!), and also a pair of Tom’s that I had to buy because my Everlane sandals are beautiful but 100% not meant to be worn while walking around NY for hours on end. Very important life lesson.

sweet september | longleggedlady.com

Two: Besides being our wedding anniversary, this month is also our 4th San Franniversary. I’m sort of amazed whenever I think about that. We more or less moved out here on a whim. Our original plan was to move to Arizona where Derrick was going to go to law school, but then he admitted that he didn’t want to be a lawyer, and I admitted that I didn’t want him to be one either, so we opted for California and music/tech/fashion instead. This city is ridiculous and challenging and beautiful. I’m glad we took a chance on it.

Here’s a grainy iphone photo we took on a celebratory hike (read: leisurely walk) today.

sweet september | longleggedlady.com

Three: Speaking of career things, thredUP had some big news this month. Feeling awfully proud and lucky to be a part of it.

Four: My nephew’s first birthday is this month. He was born two days before our wedding, so basically he’s the best wedding gift ever. And in a few months, he’ll be a big brother and I’ll be an aunt twice!

Here’s another grainy iPhone photo of Derrick holding my (our? since we’re married?) nephew last year. As you can see, he’s amazing with kids.

sweet september | longleggedlady.com

That’s it for now. Happy September. Xx.


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