big gray sweater + Christmas wrapping

20 Dec

big gray sweaters /

I got this sweater from Zady, and it’s my new favorite thing in the world right now. It’s the chunkiest, grayest, nondescriptest (don’t correct my grammar) sweater of my dreams. It’s big enough for three of me to fit inside. Derrick told me I look like a merchant mariner and I took that as flattery. I wore it to work on Thursday and got compliments from half the office, and I work with some f*cking stylish folks. Best sweater ever.

So anyway. There’s nothing groundbreaking about this outfit, I just wanted to document my sweater excitement. Big gray sweater + black pants + structured loafers is a pretty safe formula any day.

Aside from wearing a sweater, what have I been up to since my last post? I’ve been working my buns off at the office, alternately reading business books for business class and GoT for fun, and doing lots of arts and crafts. This time of year always makes me want to hole up in the kitchen and make things- food, crafts, whatever. I find it helps relieve holiday season stress, and in the end I usually have either a great meal or a thoughtful gift to show for it.

This weekend was mostly devoted to girl time. I went for drinks with Monica on Friday (btw, her new site is live and shopable! More on that soon) and stayed in with Heather on Saturday night. This afternoon Derrick and I are going to Japantown to look for a sake set because ’tis the season for alcohol that can be served warm.

Also I met Garance Doré a couple weeks ago and she signed my copy of Love x Style x Life. There’s photographic evidence below.
big gray sweaters /

big gray sweaters /

big gray sweaters / longleggedlady.comZady sweater, Everlane shoes, ivory + mason sunnies, Pour La Victoire bag via thredUP.

I may or may not have painted my nails to match her book like a total creepy fan but hopefully she was flattered?

Also I did some very Pinterest-y Christmas wrapping and I’m feeling quite proud. Not entirely sure how to get this home in one piece, but at least it made for a fun activity and a pretty picture I can text to the recipients. In the future I might need someone else to write my gift tags for me, however. My boss once said I have the handwriting of a serial killer and I see his point.


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