5 and 5

3 Jan

5 and 5 / longleggedlady.com

It’s resolution season again. Cheesy though it may be, I do love making resolutions (and eventually breaking them). Instead of just listing my 2016 resolutions this year, I thought I’d also look back at the things I did in 2015 that made the biggest improvements in my life. Here are my top 5:

  1. Made myself a budget and shopped less. I’ve always been just okay at this, but I got serious about it in 2015. I kept an excel file throughout the entire year that detailed what I could spend and save from every paycheck. I didn’t always stick to it perfectly, but it kept me mostly on track. I managed to actually hit my financial goals by the end of the year, and my wardrobe is more pared down and organized than ever before.
  2. Studied.  The office/actual working world is the best university and I’m always learning just because of the nature of my job. But this year, I made a concerted effort to be more curious and spend more time researching and studying on my own outside work. There are tons of benefits, but the best part is that it’s made me more excited about my job every day, because I constantly get new inspiration and ideas.
  3. Traveled. There are few things I despise more than a condescending “you should be traveling” guilt trip, so if you can’t travel right now for whatever reason, please don’t read this and feel bad. I didn’t travel anywhere for years because I didn’t have the money and/or time. This year we were finally able to prioritize some trips and it was wonderful- and doing it without living outside our means or jeopardizing career goals was well worth the wait.
  4. Socialized more. I’m a stereotypical introvert. I love books, Netflix, and not having to talk to anyone. But I also have a dazzling group of friends and this year I tried to be less reclusive and see more of them. It’s the easiest way to increase overall happiness.
  5. Kept the house really clean and got a bunch of plants. It just makes being home so much more pleasant. Plus I’m really, really proud of myself every day that my plants don’t die.

5 and 5 / longleggedlady.com 5 and 5 / longleggedlady.com5 and 5 / longleggedlady.comAnd here are my 5 for 2016:

  1. Morning yoga. We have work-from-home (or a coffee shop or wherever) days twice a week at the office, so there’s no excuse for me to skip morning yoga anymore. The goal is to do it 4x a week, every week- except when traveling because screw that.
  2. Keep learning. I have a whole list of skills I want to master by the end of this year.
  3. Offline, stress-relieving activities. I’ve taken up coloring in coloring books (thanks to a recommendation from one coworker and a gift from another). It’s oddly relaxing and clears my mind completely. I plan to do more of that + meditation + reading, of course.5 and 5 / longleggedlady.com
  4. Outfit planning. On a weekly basis, but also for upcoming seasons and my budget. I’ve started making priority lists for what I need in my wardrobe each season to avoid impulse buys and overspending. The goal is to build a lasting, beautiful wardrobe that has virtually nothing to do with trends and everything to do with suiting my personal style.
  5. Cook more. It is waaaaay too easy to get healthy food delivered in this city. There are literally a zillion meal delivery startups, all with crazy good referral offers, all with healthy, delicious foods, and all with only like a 20 minute wait. It’s great for when Derrick and I both work late, but I use it as a crutch and even though it’s pretty cheap (work those referrals, y’all), it’s still ultimately pricier than cooking for myself.
  6. Bonus resolution: Stop using my iPhone for blog photos out of laziness 🙂

Everlane scarf, Need Supply turtleneck, Zara skirt via thredUP, Mansur Gavriel bag, Warby Parker Sunnies, Rachel Comey boots. 


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