onesies forever / Belvele pop-up shop

28 Feb

onesies forever / longleggedlady.comFyi SF, this coming Tuesday Belvele is having a launch party and pop-up shop (+ cocktails!). I’ll be there, along with my better half and a bunch of our friends. Highly recommend attending.

On the subject of Belvele, that’s where I got this insanely comfortable and sort of man-repelling-meets-eco-fashion onesie that I’m now obsessed with. I feel like a chic Dobby the Elf in it. And I love that we live in time when that’s a flattering way to describe a garment.

Other things about my life lately:

  • I went to the ballet last night for the first time! We saw Swan Lake and it was incredible. It made me seriously regret dropping out of ballet classes when I was 6 years old (sorry Mom, you were right). I can’t wait to go again.
  • I joined a bookclub and just finished the first read, A Little Life. It was achingly beautiful and made me cry a lot. I recommend reading it in the privacy of your own home.
  • My friend Heather and I made some pretty DIY ring cones & dishes (tutorial here, picture below), I’m childishly proud of myself and will probably be giving these to everyone I know as gift for the next few months.
  • The Witch is my new favorite horror movie. It’s everything I wanted the Salem Witch Trials unit in middle school social studies to be. Go see it immediately.

onesies forever / Belvele pop-up shoponesies forever / longleggedlady.comonesies forever / longleggedlady.comThe best part of this jumpsuit is that it can also be worn backwards.  #twofer onesies forever / Belvele pop-up shopEsby jumpsuit via Belvele, Everlane sandals, Warby Parker sunniesDIY / longleggedlady.comDIY ring dishes. Tutorial here


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