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23 Nov

leathers  |  longleggedlady.comWhen I was a kid, I spent a lot of time snooping around in my mom’s closet, as daughters are wont to do.  In particular, I was in love with a black leather skirt she had (probably still has, she could totally pull it off).  It just seemed like such a badass thing for a mom to own.  I could never wear hers, so I grew up sort of always on the lookout for the perfect replica.
After 15 years of coveting, I finally found it.  High waist, perfect mid-thigh length, it’s almost exactly like the one in my mom’s closet.  It’s Charlotte Ronson, and I got it in a thrift store, which makes the whole thing even sweeter.  Fashion win.

leathers  |  longleggedlady.comleathers  |  longleggedlady.comleathers  |  longleggedlady.com

Lush top via Need Supply, thrifted Charlotte Ronson leather skirt, Alexander Wang bag, Senso shoes