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things that make me want to move back to France

12 Apr

Amatoria DressIt was 75 degrees last weekend, so I happy-skipped around outside in this Amatoria shirtdress. It made me wish I was back in France, because this would be the perfect thing to wear all summer in the South. It manages to be both crisp and coquettish at the same time- which is more or less the essence of French fashion.

Amatoria DressAmatoria DressAmatoria dress, Senso shoes, Alexander Wang bag, Chloe sunnies


that one dress I always forget about

21 Dec

longleggedlady.comThis dress is one of those pieces that somehow always winds up forgotten in the back of my closet, then gets rediscovered every few months when I clean.  I love it because a) it has a pussy bow, and therefore gives me the opportunity to say “pussy bow,” and b) the dotted print is perfect- not too large, and not too close together.   I’m picky about dots.

longleggedlady.comlongleggedlady.comlongleggedlady.comZara jacket, thrifted dress, Alexander Wang bag, Senso shoes, Bing Bang rings (mixed with random stackers)

tactical turtleneck

5 Dec

tactical turtleneck  |  longleggedlady.comI fly home to Omaha tomorrow and I’m so excited!  I haven’t started packing, of course.  I wish I could claim to be one of those people who has some super organized and efficient system for putting together a suitcase, but I don’t.  I just throw in whatever I have clean and hope for the best.  I’ll probably stick to outfits similar to this one, plus a few layers of sweaters and scarves.  Using a turtleneck as a base for multiple layers is easiest the best way to add maximum warmth without a ton of bulk.

tactical turtleneck  |  longleggedlady.comtactical turtleneck  |  longleggedlady.comrandom turtleneck, Amatoria skirt, American Apparel tights, Senso shoes, Cambridge Satchel bag

lazy days

3 Dec

lazy days  |  longleggedlady.comThis is my default outfit when I can’t think of anything to wear.  I know the Zara skort has been on virtually every style blog in existence, but sometimes guys, things get popular for a reason.  It’s flattering and it goes with anything.  I can’t stop wearing it.

We’ve reached that frustrating phase of winter where I get really restless, but sort of apathetic at the same time.  The days are just too short.  I’m battling it by staying active and creative as much as possible.  Shooting with Asher Moss last week was perfect.  He’s the kind of photographer who knows exactly what he’s looking for, and it makes shooting so easy and fluid.  Plus he’s just fun to hang out with.  He has this perfect, eyes-completely-open awareness and appreciation for everything around him.  I could listen to him talk about all his adventures for days.  If you’re not familiar with his work, check it out, and maybe donate a little to his project.

lazy days  |  longleggedlady.com

Elizabeth and James jacket, Zara skort, Senso shoes, Alexander Wang bag, Bing Bang necklace

red lips + hologram

24 Nov

red lips + hologram  |  longleggedlady.comI really like hologram stuff.  Like a lot.  I realize it’s probably a flash in the pan trend, but I’m so into it.  The part of me that wanted Lisa Frank notebooks in junior high just can’t get enough.  You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve scoured Ebay for a reasonably-priced Comme des Garçons hologram clutch.  Spoiler alert:  no one is giving up that clutch for a reasonable price.  So, I settled for an Asos version.  I suppose that’s for the best, given my propensity for losing any purse that isn’t strapped to my body (crossbody bags FTW).

red lips + hologram  |  longleggedlady.comred lips + hologram  |  longleggedlady.comred lips + hologram  |  longleggedlady.com

Bing Bang necklace, Amatoria vest, BB Dakota blouse, ASOS clutch, Kill City leggings, Senso shoes


23 Nov

leathers  |  longleggedlady.comWhen I was a kid, I spent a lot of time snooping around in my mom’s closet, as daughters are wont to do.  In particular, I was in love with a black leather skirt she had (probably still has, she could totally pull it off).  It just seemed like such a badass thing for a mom to own.  I could never wear hers, so I grew up sort of always on the lookout for the perfect replica.
After 15 years of coveting, I finally found it.  High waist, perfect mid-thigh length, it’s almost exactly like the one in my mom’s closet.  It’s Charlotte Ronson, and I got it in a thrift store, which makes the whole thing even sweeter.  Fashion win.

leathers  |  longleggedlady.comleathers  |  longleggedlady.comleathers  |  longleggedlady.com

Lush top via Need Supply, thrifted Charlotte Ronson leather skirt, Alexander Wang bag, Senso shoes

gold + black

20 Oct

We went to see Yuksek last night, I danced my tookus off and didn’t go to bed until the wee hours of the morning.  I always have so many things I want to accomplish on the weekends, I forget to make a priority of going out.  Last night was a much needed reminder of how important it is to let loose once in awhile and just have fun with all the beautiful people I’m lucky enough to have in my life.

I’m fully embracing the midi skirts and sweaters trend.  In general, I’m on board for any trend that both keeps me warm and doesn’t require me to wear real pants.  I love this Cheap Monday skirt because the denim is thick and structured, however, now that I’ve looked through photos of myself wearing it, I think I may need to have it taken in a tad.  Next project:  learn to do my own alterations.  I spend a fortune at the tailor.

Alexander Wang sweater, Cheap Monday skirt, Senso boots